Tiger - Lord of the Jungle

Paperback, 250 x 210 mm, 132 pages, full colour photos throughout ISBN: 978-1-901268-40-9

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The tiger, recognised the world over, today occupies only about 7 percent of its original range. 

It is on the road to extinction. Is this because we don’t know enough about it? Because we aren’t interested in it? Because of a lack of support for its cause? Or a bit of all three? This book presents what we know about the tiger today, its history, its astonishing ability to adapt, from the snowy Siberian taiga to the Malaysian rainforest by way of the Indian jungle, and its tumultuous relationship with its human neighbours. 

The book’s superb images depict both the animal’s current status and the known threats to its future. The most astonishing thing is that it is perhaps the tiger’s very image that condemns it. Here, text and photographs bring it to life and hope to play a part in ensuring its survival.