The Food and Beer Cookbook

Softcover, 215 mm x 280 mm (portrait), 108 pages, printed in four colours and varnished ISBN:978-1-901268-16-0
Manufacturer: Richard Fox

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A colourful guide to the pleasures of a beer and food culinary partenership.

In this book, the author, Richard Fox, relates the importance of beer to the enjoyment of food. He lets us into the secret not only of which brew to use as an ingredient to best bring out the flavour of the food being cooked but also the most suitable one to accompany each particular dish. With much humour, and without going into scientific detail, he explains the basics of brewing and the variety of beers that result from the use of the many different ingredients and methods. The interesting recipes are well illustrated throughout and are interspersed with breezy chat.

RICHARD FOX has spent over twenty years professionally pursuing the enjoyment of food and drink. He has spent time in kitchens, and ‘front of house’ from Amsterdam to New Orleans and has sourced, researched, lectured and written about the subject in many places in between. He is about to feature in a new series on television with Neil Morrissey (he of Men Behaving Badly fame) entitled Neil Morrissey’s Perfect Pub which is going out on Channel 4 in July 2008.