The Alchemy of Food

Hardback, 228 x 192 mm, 160 pages, Illustrations: over 70 colour photos throughout. ISBN:978-1-901268-53-9
Manufacturer: Dr Peter Schleicher

More about this book - The Alchemy of Food

For many people alchemy is a ‘secret science’. This sensational book shows that its methods and knowledge can also be applied to healthy eating and can be used in fine cuisine. 

It shows that alchemy is more than just a way of turning base metal into gold. It is a healing art and was a very early science. The book shares the secrets of high-quality cuisine and proves that a good cook is also an alchemist. It takes natural products and refines their unique qualities using an alchemist’s methods. 

This means that not only are the aromas and flavours of the natural products used but their healing powers are enhanced and reinforced to benefit your health and wellbeing. 

The secret art of this ‘cook of the century’ is pure alchemy.