Snow Monkeys

Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 96 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-37-9
Manufacturer: Heather Angel

More about this book - Snow Monkeys

Japan’s sole monkey - the Japanese macaque - lives both in subtropical lowlands and in subalpine regions. The animals living in the Japanese Alps, where snow blankets the ground for most of the winter, are affectionately called snow monkeys and have become a great tourist attraction. Here, macaques enjoy warming up in a natural hot pool. In this enchanting book, Heather Angel unravels how these monkeys live in troops: showing them in different seasons bathing and drinking in the hot pool, grooming, feeding, youngsters playing with snowballs and heart-warming shots of newborns with their mothers. There are unique shots of a mother diving underwater with her newborn, torn between the natural instincts of clinging tightly to its mother, or letting go to reach the surface to breathe. 

Heather has also travelled to the small island of Koshima in the south, where some monkeys wash sweet potatoes in the sea before eating them. This unique behaviour developed after scientists tempted the monkeys out of the forest by scattering potatoes on the beach. 

Snow monkeys provides an insight into the way of life, including the facial expressions and body language of wild monkeys that live in the northernmost region of any non-human primates in the world.