Sinatra - Frank and Friendly

Hardback & dust jacket, 300 x 240 mm portrait, 240 pages, all images in four colour mono and uv varnish ISBN:978-1-901268-32-4
Manufacturer: Robin Morgan

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For five decades Terry O’Neill has chronicled the frontline of fame. His photographs have graced the covers of every major magazine in the world, from Time, Life, and Newsweek, to Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Premier. Doors beyond the reach of his peers open for Terry O’Neill. He has dined in the White House with Presidents and at Buckingham Palace with HM The Queen. First Lady Laura Bush chose O’Neill to take her first portrait after inauguration, Princess Diana, her family portrait with her children Princes William and Harry.

He has counted stars of stage, screen, politics and rock ’n roll among his friends. He was photographing The Beatles and the Rolling Stones while they were still boys; he discovered a young talent called Elton John and another called Jodie Kidd on a beach in Barbados. O’Neill has a gift for recognising star potential, for earning the trust and the friendship of the famous and the infamous. 

His photography made him an intimate of icons such as Ava Gardner, Brigit Bardot, Raquel Welch, Michael Caine, Paul Newman, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. All invited him “inside”, behind the limelight of their celebrity.

Sinatra Frank & Friendly is a testimony to that trust, and O’Neill’s discerning eye. Images capturing a relationship that spanned three decades, take us behind the scenes of Sinatra’s incredible journey. The superstar of music and movies allowed O’Neill’s camera to follow his every move, on the road, at home and backstage.

In the age of papparazi, doorstep photography, and big-budget publicity shoots, O’Neill’s fascinating archive of his relationship with Sinatra reminds us there was once a golden age, when the stars and their audience where intimate and inseparable. His photography has graced the walls of national museums and portrait galleries worldwide.