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Safari companion book Publisher Evans Mitchell Books specialise in high quality photographic, wildlife Photography. They offer a range of safari companion books which offer a unique yet warming look into various areas of our planet, from its wildlife to its dramatic landscapes.These safari companion books come in a vast array of areas abundant with wildlife, some of which you won't believe would.


Our Safari companion books cover areas such as Botswana, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Galapagos and many more exotic locations. Each safari companion book offers a unique insight into the area itself as well and its wildlife. The safari companion books are a great guide to have showing you where to go to get the most out of our trip to discover the wildlife, its landscapes, its people and its culture. These are essential inspiration for any traveller, photographer or anybody who wishes to visit these majestic locations


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Safari Companion Book on Botswana




This Botswana Safari Companion Book, offers a beautifully illustrated guide for visiting this land-locked country in southern Africa. Its a choice destination for wildlife photography, capturing beautiful landscapes with wild animals roaming fee across the african plains. Its a must see destination for everybody.


Safari Companion Book on India



This India Safari Companion Book, offers an informative and colourful photo-guide for those planning a journey to the land of the tiger. Wildlife abounds with the likes of elephants, deer, monkeys and leopards plus a huge variety of species of colourful birds. And, of course, its where you can find the legendary Bengal tiger.


Safari Companion Book on Galapagos




This Galapagos Safari Companion book, offers a colourful insight in to this majestic group of islands. The absence of large mammals has allowed birds, reptiles and other unique creatures to flourish and the strict controls placed on visitors, has ensured the protection of this fragile environment for many years.


Safari Companion Book on Kenya




This Kenya Safari Companion Book, offers a unique stunning countryside and an abundance of wildlife which places Kenya high on the list for the enthusiastic photographer. Anybody who is always on the lookout for that outstanding picture must visit this magical place. See African wildlife as it roams the serengeti. 


Safari Companion Book on Tanzania




This Tanzania Safari Companion Book, introduces a country that is the most popular area to see wildlife. Tanzania is a unique country, which offers a vast array of experiences. From the chance to encounter most of Africa's wildlife, but to also be able to view some of nature's most breathtaking creations.


Safari Companion Book on Namibia




This Namibia Safari Companion Book, offers a perfect guide for those seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Comprised of sand and rock which make a mosaic of primitive landscapes, it has a feeling of the beginning of time. An abundant variety of wildlife to be found and the landscapes are a photographer’s dream.


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Evans Mitchell Books is a small independent UK Natural History book Publisher specialising in high quality photographic, natural history books.


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All of our Natural History Photography books are superbly illustrated in full colour throughout and are produced to the highest quality. We work with renowned Natural History photographers and editors from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to fully explore the potential of their subject.


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From the amazing animals illustrated in the Wildlife Monographs, Wild things , Safari Companions and wild places, each book tells a story.We continue to add to our Natural History portfolio of books, producing new books on a regular basis. View the full Natural History book selection here: Natural History Wildlife Photography


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