Hardback & dust jacket, 318 x 288 mm, 248 pages, Illustrations: almost 400 colour photos throughout ISBN: 978-1-901268-54-6
Manufacturer: Li Quan

More about this book - Rewilded

“Rewilded”, richly illustrated with stunning photographs, tells the story of the South China Tiger, and of perhaps the most audacious conservation project of recent times.

The South China Tiger is the oldest of all tigers, and the ancestor of all other extant tiger species. But it is also the most endangered. Fewer than a hundred exist in captivity, and no-one knows for sure if any remain in China’s mountains and fast disappearing forests. For most animals, such statistics would mean certain extinction. But ten years ago Li Quan dedicated herself not only to ensuring the South China Tiger’s survival, but also to returning it to its natural habitat.

With true determnation, Quan persuaded her government to allow her to take four beautiful cubs from their zoos in China to a specially prepared reserve thousands of miles away in South Africa. There, they learned how to hunt game and otherwise take care of themselves, in preparation for their eventual journey home.

As the cubs grew, and re-learned the ways of the wild, so they began to breed, sowing the seeds of a larger, stand-alone South China Tiger colony. Along the way there have been heart-breaking setbacks, but Li Quan’s deeply captivating personal account of what by any standard has been a ground-breaking endeavour rightly celebrates its remarkable success.