Natural History Wolves Book

by  Art Wolfe
Wolves command attention, the quintessential emblem of darkness, they evoke strong cultural responses, making their mysterious lives fascinating to us.
Northern Europe’s 12 species range from the huge Great Grey, with a round head as big as a small child's to the tiny Pygmy Wolves that possesses a strength and

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A history of these much maligned creatures seeks to dispel many of the popular prejudices.

Wolves are creatures of myths and legends and, in fiction, are usually portrayed as the evil villain. Indeed, the cry of a wolf on a dark night must be one of nature’s most eerie and fear-inducing sounds known to man.

Here, however, the authors set out, through words and stunning photographs, to give a clear and balanced understanding of these proud and splendid looking carnivorous creatures.

The fact that wolves have managed to live through harsh environments, as well as man’s attempts at eradication, makes them one of nature’s great survivors.

Author - Art Wolfe