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Have you got a favourite animal? Have you ever wondered about their natural habit, how their anatomy works, how they hunt for food or how they communicate? Why not explore natural china through the lens of Heather Angel. Heather takes you on a journey that will make you want to explore China yourself, through her book Exploring Natural China. China is a breathtaking country and its vast landscapes incorporate a spirit and a kind of mystery about the place. A perfect location for photographers keen to use there lens, China has something to offer everyone. This Natural China book covers its unique wildlife, natural landscapes, its people and their culture. Buying this Natural China book will have you wanting to visit to experience this for yourself.

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Natural China Book

by Heather Angel
In this monograph, wildlife photographer and zoologist, Heather Angel, takes you on a journey through China, from its bamboo forests to its alpine pastures exploring its vast array of wildlife and dramtic landscapes.

More about this book

The Chinese ecotourism industry is expanding fast, with 15 million foreign tourists visiting in 2008 and access to remote areas becoming easier by road and air. Exploring Natural China reflects this growing interest: it is the only natural-history travelogue on China written and photographed by a naturalist/biologist who has been there. . 

In the course of her travels Heather Angel saw not only the iconic pandas and tigers but pink dolphins in Hong Kong and the curious-looking takins in Sichuan. Over 250 photos taken in 13 offbeat locations show the notable plants and wildlife in scenery ranging from bamboo forests to alpine pastures. Detailed maps encourage you to follow in Heather’s footsteps, while her ‘Travellers’ Tips’ covers all the things – from how to order food to what mains adapters to take – that you wish you had known before you left home. 

Exploring Natural China is essential reading for anyone planning to explore the wilder parts of China and for armchair travellers who prefer to sit back and learn more about this enigmatic country.

Author - Heather Angel