Living Dinosaurs

Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 98 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-36-2
Manufacturer: Heather Angel

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Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops no longer roam the earth, but fossil evidence shows that the ancestors of modern reptiles lived alongside the dinosaurs. None of the living reptiles approach the size of dinosaur giants but nonetheless they are equally fascinating with intriguing features, habits and lifestyles. Thorny devils dwelling in Australian deserts have a neat way of drinking; life-giving rain or dew on the body is drawn towards the mouth by capillary action. Ferocious crocodiles don’t just use their jaws to bring down huge predators; females also use them to delicately transport their offspring. 

Many living dinosaurs live on small isolated islands where they have survived exploitation. On Komodo Island the infamous three-metre long Komodo dragon - the largest of all living lizards - is an apex predator. It survives using a lethal combination of razor sharp teeth and toxic saliva potent enough to bring down deer or even a water buffalo.

Modern reptiles are by no means all predators. On the Galapagos Islands, giant tortoises pause to graze as they lumber across volcanic landscapes and land iguanas feast on cactus pads and fruits, while marine iguanas move up and down the shore grazing on exposed seaweeds.

Living Dinosaurs looks at the habitat range, breeding strategies and conservation initiatives of this fascinating array of animals and showcases some of the many extraordinary reptiles from mini dinosaurs, dragons to aquatic snappers.