Letitia Farris-Toussaint

Letitia Farris-Toussaint grew up racing newts and catching record Green Sunfish in San Diego, California. At 22, she moved to Paris and studied primate behaviour under pioneering lemur specialist Jean-Jacques Petter, working first on Aye-Ayes, then on behavioural problems in Black Mangabeys at the Paris Menagerie. Later missions focused on research and conservation, including managing a seaturtle conservation campaign in the Amerindian village of Yalimapo in French Guiana for the French Chapter of the WWF. Over the course of several years her activities turned increasingly to popular science, from a stint at the French Science & Nature magazine to celebrity explorer scout for the Jules Verne Film Festival. She also organized a series of events for the Dian Fossey Fund (now the Gorilla Organization) to test interest for a French branch of the association.

From 2002 to 2007 she consulted exclusively for a small international communications firm that works with CEOs and Executive management of France-based multinationals on issues of climate change, sustainable development and energy, giving her an inside view of corporate environmental efforts. Last fall she left to focus on writing and to develop her own consultancy aimed at helping French organizations communicate more effectively outside France on nature and the environment. She is currently at work on the English version of the upcoming exhibition on whales, dolphins and porpoises at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle.

Letitia Farris Toussaint has co-authored two books of interpretative science for French publishers. The first, part of a nature travel guide series, was also released in the United States by Barron's, On the Trail of Monkeys and Apes. The second, Le monde sauvage, by Reader’s Digest, is on Earth’s 25 biodiversity hotspots.

Letitia Farris

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Gorillas The Gentle Giants

Hardback & dust jacket, 250 x 210mm portrait, 132 pages, all images printed in colour and varnished ISBN:978-1-901268-35-5