Heather Angel

Heather Angel, is a British award-winning wildlife photographer who constantly traverses the globe in search of pictures. She has made many trips to Japan specifically to photograph snow monkeys in different seasons.

Her passion for nature, fostered by holidays on her grandparents' Suffolk farm, culminated in a zoology degree at Bristol University. Heather then had no ambition to be a photographer, but whilst working as a marine biologist she used a camera to document marine life. She became hooked on photography and for more than a quarter of a century, Heather Angel has been at the forefront of wildlife photography in Britain. In addition to managing her own stock library, Natural Visions, she is a prolific writer with over 50 books to her name, including Giant Pandas and Puffins, in the Wildlife Monograph series by Evans Mitchell Books.

Her work, which combines scientific accuracy with a strong pictorial appeal, has been recognised by many awards both in Britain and overseas. Heather Angel was President of the Royal Photographic Society from 1984-86 and she has been a Special Professor at Nottingham University since 1994. Major solo exhibitions of Heather’s work have been on show in London as well as in China, Malaysia and Egypt.

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"A phenomenon in both natural science and professional photography, Heather Angel is a example of all that is best in both disciplines."

The Master Photographer

"...the doyenne of nature photography."

Practical Photography

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Exploring Natural China

Hardback & dust jacket, 250 x 240 mm, 192 pages, Illustrations: over 250 full colour photos throughout ISBN:978-1-901268-41-6

Giant Pandas

Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 98 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-13-3

Living Dinosaurs

Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 98 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-36-2


Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 98 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-19-5

Snow Monkeys

Softback with flaps, 255 x 210 mm portrait, 96 pages ISBN:978-1-901268-37-9