Healthy and Easy Thai Cooking

Paperback, 229 x 215 mm, 204 pages, full colour photos throughout including step by step method photos. ISBN:978-1-901268-43-0

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Thai food with it’s unique combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors has for many years now been universally popular. However, outside of Thailand, it has often been perceived to be too complicated for home cooking. 

This book, and the recipes within, help to dispel this perception. All the recipes have been tried and tested, are clearly written and beautifully illustrated with easy to follow, step by step photographs. Each recipe is ideally suited for simple preparation in the domestic kitchen. 

Furthermore, the book has an excellent glossary of Thai ingredients and expounds on the medicinal advantages of many local herbs and spices. It also explains the variations between traditional dishes from the regions of the country and how many of these dishes have been adapted to cater for modern tastes and lifestyles. 

The book was first published in Thai and later translated into English by Nuengnuj Chaixanien

Disclaimer: The healthy Thai book is not available to purchase in the USA