GMB at Work

428 pages, format page size is 240w x 210h mm, hardback with dust jacket, 4 colour throughout with over 400 images ISBN:978-1-901268-61-4

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GMB is first and foremost a campaigning union

Forged in the furnaces of the Beckton Gasworks, it has represented its members since 1889; through peace and war, in times of plenty and hardship, and with and without the help of government.

It exists for you – to protect you – to represent you – and to make life better for you and your family.

This is the story of Britain’s General Union, how it started out and how it developed: from its early days under Will Thorne, when lockouts and street fights were common place, to the Hunger Marches, the Blitz and beyond to today’s resurgent GMB, which has grown in strength and confidence, since 2005, bucking the trend for union decline and giving voice to working people who otherwise would be silenced, sidelined and forgotten.

Lay led, highly democratic and fiercely protective of its members’ rights; the union has tackled – when no one else would – the roots of inequality and iniquity contained within private equity companies and venture capital.

GMB is the product of the most ordinary, and yet extraordinary, people; who proved themselves to be stronger when they worked together, in common cause, rather than apart. What united them all was the belief that things cannot stay as they are, and that our tomorrows have to be – and indeed will be – far better than today.

Proud of its past, GMB is charting a bold vision of a finer and fairer future for us all.