Emmanuelle Grundmann

Following a PhD on rehabilitation and reintroduction of orangutans in Borneo, Emmanuelle works as consultant primatologist for various NGOs in Africa and South America on primate conservation and reintroduction projects.

A writer and scientific journalist, she collaborates with various French magazines including Terre Sauvage, Ça m’Intéresse, Sciences & Avenir, and Geo. She has also been a consultant for TV documentaries and has written several books, such as Être singe, with the photographer Cyril Ruoso, and Ces forêts qu’on assassine, an essay on deforestation in the tropics, as well as several books for children. Emmanuelle is president of the Jane Goodall Institut France and of the NGO-Awely, working on human-animal conflict resolution throughout the world.

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Emmanuelle Grundman

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The Great Apes

Hardback & dust jacket, 250 x 210 mm portrait, 132 pages, all images printed in colour and varnished ISBN:978-1-901268-31-7