Dr Peter Schleicher

Dr Peter Schleicher, a renowned immunology specialist practising in Munich, explains the healing effect of using alchemistic cookery. Top chef Eckart Witzigmann shares some of his many distinctive alchemical recipes. After many years of intensive immunological research and the quest for non-harmful therapies for chronic illnesses, Dr Schleicher embarked on a personal journey into the heart of the secret science of alchemy. This led to visits to one of the oldest libraries in the world, the Strahov Monastery in Prague, to private archives in Switzerland and to the bookshop of Soluna in Donauwörth, where he was able to examine the manuscripts of alchemists regarding the effects of plants and natural products.

At this time scientific experiments at the Atomic Institute in Vienna demonstrated that different plants contain different radiation patterns. Every plant possesses a quite individual field of radiation: a particular ‘energy fingerprint’. In a fraction of a second this radiation power senses the ‘information’ embedded in our body’s immune system, which is directly linked to the hormone system and connected with emotion.

These processes are not to be found in the chemical substances from which most synthetic pharmaceuticals are made. Today, natural remedies are again being produced following classical alchemic methods and Dr Schleicher uses them with great success in his own practice. Plants of the highest quality are used, processed and mixed with minerals which are prepared alchemically.

He also discovered such preparations when cooking with his friend Eckart Witzigmann. The cook of the century struck me as an adept practitioner in the secrets of alchemy. During long conversations they discussed the principles of alchemy as being like the great art of cooking and came up with the astonishing result: the Alchemy of Food.

Robin Morgan

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The Alchemy of Food

Hardback, 228 x 192 mm, 160 pages, Illustrations: over 70 colour photos throughout. ISBN:978-1-901268-53-9