Dairy Free Cookery

Paperback with flaps, 270 x 210 mm, 88 pages, over 70 full colour photographs. All recipes use readily-available ingredients and are written in an easy step-by-step style. ISBN:978-1-901268-49-2
Manufacturer: Lois Whittaker

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This cookery book is full of tips and advice about adopting a dairy-free diet; what you can and can’t eat and how to adapt recipes so that you can still enjoy chocolate, cakes and the occasional treat, as well as make great meals for all the family without constantly having to cook something separate for yourself. 

• It includes over 50 delicious recipes from soups, starters and salads, risottos and pasta sauces, fish, meat, chicken - and, of course, a selection of delicious desserts. 

• All the recipes use readily-available ingredients and are written in an easy step-by-step style. 

• This is a real lick-the-spoon sort of cook book to encourage people to get cooking! 

Why dairy free? 

Nutrition plays a big role in fighting cancer and cow’s milk is increasingly being linked to certain cancers, due to the hormones and other growth factors found in milk.

In addition lactose intolerance is on the rise, affecting 10% of north Europeans and 50% of Mediterraneans. This book shows how to eat dairy free and still enjoy those treats. There is no need to worry that you are missing out on key nutrients as these are widely available from plant sources. But what your diet will be lacking is saturated animal fat, animal protein, cholesterol, hormones and growth factors. 

This book has plenty for those who decide that a completely dairy-free diet is not for them, as cutting down on animal fats is a much healthier option.

Lois Whittaker became interested in healthy eating after being advised to change to a dairy-free diet, following breast cancer and she’s been free of cancer now for two years.