Cyril Ruoso

A professional photographer, Cyril has travelled the world for 15 years, with a predilection for tropical forests and primates. Through his work he offers an intimate view of some of the planet’s inhabitants, such as komodo dragons, barn swallows, snow leopards, bonobos, orangutans, lemurs and elephants. Deeply concerned with conservation, he collaborates with various NGOs such as Awely, Lola Ya Bonobo, Ikamaperu and the Jane Goodall Institute France. He does not hesitate to denounce illegal wildlife traffic, deforestation and pollution through his photos and features. He published Être singe with Emmanuelle Grundmann, the result of ten years’ work among the primates, and contributes to several French and international magazines such as Paris Match, Figaro Magazine, Life, Oasis, National Geographic, Terre Sauvage and Il Corriere della Sera. His photographs are distributed by the Bios agency and by Joël Halioua Editorial in France and Europe, and by Minden Pictures worldwide.

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Cyril Ruoso

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The Great Apes

Hardback & dust jacket, 250 x 210 mm portrait, 132 pages, all images printed in colour and varnished ISBN:978-1-901268-31-7