Hardback & dust jacket, 290 x 238 mm, 192 pages, Illustrations: over 120 original photographs in colour and B&W
Manufacturer: Robin Morgan

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It began, as so many legends do, with a guitar. The year is 1957. Elvis Presley is energising the youth of nations, in Liverpool two schoolboys named Lennon and McCartney share an adolescent dream to form a band and in suburban Hertfordshire Rodger Webb comes home with a gift for his 17-year-old son Harry.

Long before the Mersey beat is born, Harry Webb – soon to be known to millions as Cliff Richard – has set off with his new guitar on a journey that will span decades and continents and accumulate hundreds of gold and platinum discs, 88 international entertainment awards and more than 250 million record sales.

For more than 50 years Cliff Richard has sustained an unrivalled career in showbusiness, spanning the cultural universe of rock and pop music, in film, on television and on stage. No band or artist can claim either the longevity or the breadth of his success, none has navigated international celebrity with such integrity and professional dedication – and few have earned the love and respect afforded by three generations of fans. This book is his story and his history told in an unforgettable collection of pictures – an incomparable and compelling archive that devotees will treasure.

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